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Mold Testing

Moisture in the basement is a common problem that often leads to the growth of mold and mildew. These funguses release spores into the air that when inhaled can cause asthma and allergy-like symptoms. Prolonged exposure to these pathogens can cause serious health complications. Our mold testing services reveal undetected mold in the home so that you can then take proper removal measures.

If you want to protect your property and your family’s health, it’s essential to test the air quality in your home, especially if you have reason to believe that mold might be present. Newman Waterproofing provides comprehensive mold inspections and mold testing to ensure that the air in your home is free from dangerous contaminants.

When Do I Need A Mold Inspection?

A large percentage of homes are affected by mold, especially in the basement where moisture is often present. It’s not always immediately visible, but there are some general warning signs that should prompt you to schedule an inspection. We strongly recommend that you contact us for a free mold inspection if any of the following circumstances apply:
  • A water leak has been found
  • A flood has occurred and there is water damage
  • A musty smell is present
  • Furniture is unexplainably stained
  • You are buying a new home
Mold Testing

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Our Residential Mold Testing Process

With over 15 years in the basement services industry, we’ve developed a mold inspection and testing process that reveals air contaminants with maximum accuracy and efficiency. Our process starts with a thorough visual inspection of your basement. Then, we use state-of-the-art technology to test the air for pathogens like mold spores. Before we leave, we’ll identify the sources of mold and recommend a plan of action, which will likely include a second visit to remove the mold.


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Very professional, responded in a timely manner, took care of our needs as scheduled and pricing seemed fair.
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They did a thorough free analysis and when time comes we plan to hire them. Gave us great advice and they were very honest...
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Very happy with the whole experience. Professional, prompt, knowledgeable and thorough. Would definitely recommend.
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The provider found the source of the water problem. He is very professional and very prompt. Would highly recommend! Mark
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Neuman Water Proofing LLC portrayed experience, professionalism, and was very dependable.

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We perform mold testing in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Contact us today to find out if your home is within our service area and we’ll schedule your mold inspection as quickly as possible.

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